Meet Our Team

Dr. Brian Ray, DVM​

Veterinarian, Co-owner

Hi!  I am one of the owner veterinarians at Belle City Veterinary Hospital.  I take pride in constantly educating myself and making sure my clients are well informed. I am particularly interested in orthopedic surgery and ultrasound. My wife, Amy, and my children, Sidney and Charles, are glad to call Racine home and look forward to many happy years here.

Dr. Genesia Livingston, DVM​

Veterinarian, Co-owner

​I am a veterinarian and one of the owners of Belle City Veterinary Hospital. I enjoy both medicine and surgery but have a special interest in ophthalmology. When not at work, I keep busy with my husband, Jerry, and two beautiful daughters, Kaitlin and Hannah. We also own a Poodle named Athena, a Shih Tzu named Lily, and our newest addition Finnick, a Pudelpointer. I always look forward to meeting all of our clients with their wonderful fur-kids!

Dr. Cassie Schneller, DVM​

Veterinarian, Co-owner

Hello! I started working with Belle City Veterinary Hospital in October of 2017. I have lived in Oak Creek for a majority of my life and graduated from UW-Madison’s veterinary program in 2016. My husband, Josh, and I were just married in June 2017; we were the first official couple of our veterinary class! We have two feline trouble makers named Spy and Minion, and we are waiting for that perfect dog to enter our lives. I love the fact that I actually get to work with clients and their fuzzy family members–veterinary school is a lot of time spent with books and notes! I am very interested in massage and acupuncture therapy, and I hope to specialize in these and have them available for your pets in the future. I look forward to meeting you and your pets and getting to know more of Racine!

Dr. Jennifer Pantone, DVM

Veterinarian, Co-owner

I joined the Belle City family in 2018 after graduating from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and spending two years working in New Hampshire. I am particularly interested in animal behavior, dental care, and soft tissue surgery, and I love getting to know clients and their pets! In my free time I like to paint, crochet, go hiking with my husband, Jay, and Belgian Sheepdog, Vaughn, and spend time at home with our three cats, Hermes, Leopold, and Malcolm.


Veterinary Assistant

​Hello, my name is Eric and I am one of the veterinary assistants here at Belle City Veterinary Hospital. I have been working here since the middle of 2003, when I started as one of the kennel technicians. I have worked my way up to where I am today and have enjoyed every minute of it! I was married September 20, 2008 and I also have a senior feline buddy named Tommy (who I adopted when I started working here), who is our fur baby. I have always had a love for animals, and it seems I was born for this field. I also have a special interest in computer sciences and have gone for continuing education in that field as well. I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll see you around!


Veterinary Assistant

​Hello! My name is Brittany and I started here at Belle City in 2007. I love working with Border Collies. In my spare time I love to travel, save birds, go hiking and grow plants. I have a dog named Gwyn, two cats, and 5 birds.


Veterinary Assistant

Hello, My name is Christine and I have been working here at BCVH as a veterinary assistant since May 2011. I live in Union Grove with my children: Kaitlyn, and Madelynn. We also have our dogs Lady and Cali. I look forward to meeting you and your fur-babies soon!


Veterinary Assistant

​Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m a technician at Belle City. I started here in July 2015. When I am not working I spend most of my time working on my farm with my akita, Kirah, my numerous cats, many chickens, duck, peafowl, pheasant, and two horses. I enjoy photography and going to Northern WI to camp with some of my critters.


Veterinary Assistant

Hello! I started working at Belle City in August of 2016 after I finished the Veterinary Assistant program at Milwaukee Career College. I am going back to school to complete the Veterinary Technician program. I enjoy spending time with my pitbulls Lacey and Zena, showing my two horses Casino and Andy, shooting archery and fishing.


Veterinary Technician

I completed the technician program at Milwaukee Career College and started at Belle City in October of 2016. I love working with large breed fluffy dogs. When I am not at work, I spend time with my chinchilla ‘cupcake’ and watch movies with my boyfriend.


Veterinary Technician

I am Brianna and I joined the Belle City Crew in April of 2018. I have a passion for animals just like every staff member here. My world revolves around my dog Bindi. Our favorite activities to do are going for runs and hiking. In my spare time I draw, read books, and volunteer at the Wisconsin Humane Society.


Hi! I’m Selena. I usually work behind the scenes. I care for any of the animals that have to stay in the hospital for a while. When I’m not at work, I’m kayaking and taking care of my farm. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, rabbits and goats.


Receptionist, Assistant

​​I have been in the veterinary field since 2005. You may see me working as a receptionist or a technician when you stop in. I enjoy working with goofy pitbulls and tiny kittens. When I’m not at work, I am busy cheering on the Milwaukee Brewers with my husband and son. We have a cattle dog named Belle, two cats named Penguin and Seal, and a turtle named Blue.


Veterinary Assistant

I started here at Belle City in October of 2017 after finishing the Veterinary Assistant Program at Milwaukee Career College. I love working with all species. I have owned everything from reptiles small livestock to cats and dogs. My house is currently occupied by my boyfriend, and our 3 kids, our dog Thor, and 3 cats; Myra, Pinny and Rosie



I’ve been working here at belle city as a receptionist since May of 2018. I have a passion and respect for all animals and plants and strongly believe in animal rights no matter the species. When I’m not working, I’m training in aerial silks, hammock, and lyra (think Cirque du Soleil.) I also love spending time and caring for my animals; five snakes, Monte, Foster, Dahlia, Majaji, and Baby: two betta fish, Cherry Coke and Sprite: my baby peachface lovebird, and my bobtailed cat and best budddy, Oliver.

Amy Ray

Hospital Manager, co-owner

​Hello! I am one of the owners of Belle City Veterinary Hospital as well as the hospital manager. I enjoy every aspect our team here and look forward to continuing to assist in the hospital’s growth. In my spare time I work around our six acre homestead. Dr. Ray and I have two wonderful children, our daughter Sidney and son Charles. We have two dogs Xander and Emerson, a cat Oliver, Ball Python Sasha, three pigs; Penelope, Abigail and Marvin, and a handful of chickens.