Massage Therapy

What is massage therapy like for pets?

Massage therapy for animals is very similar to massage in people – not only is it relaxing, but it also has medical benefits such as improving mobility and supporting the circulatory, immune, digestive, and respiratory systems. Many of the techniques that are used on people, such as effleurage, petrissage, compression, friction work and stretching are used on our pets. The only difference is that our pets may need a break now and again and will likely not lay still for the entire session.

What is special about this massage? Can’t I just massage my pet at home?

Certainly! Massaging your pet is a great way to provide comfort and enhance your relationship. However, every once in a while both you and your pet(s) need the skills of a professional to work out the more intense and painful problems that you and they may be having. We are also happy to provide you with some basic massage skills so you can keep your pet up to par in-between sessions!

How often should my pet get a massage?

Depends on what your goals are for your pet! For tackling problems like arthritis, I would recommend your pet getting a massage once a week for at least a month, and then perhaps 2-3 times a month afterward for maintenance. If you just want to provide your furry friend some nice relaxation once a month, that works too!

What does a session look like?

The first session is usually spent going over your pet’s medical history, assessing your pet’s condition, developing a massage plan for your pet, and then providing a massage. All sessions afterward are solely focused on your pet receiving their massage. Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes. **The amount of time that is spent hands on/massaging is dependent on each individual patient and will vary based on their level of comfort.**

Can I be present at the time of the massage?

Of course! Some of our clients relax a lot more when their owner is in the room. You may want to bring something to do, as our veterinarian will be focused on providing the best massage possible for your pet! After the initial session, you can drop off your pet and pick them up after their massage if you prefer as well.